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Perthes and Heinrich Barth: Inter-European Networks At Play – Part I

Often this blog has alluded to the networks of the Justus Perthes Publishing House, which were nurtured and maintained by its leading spokesmen during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. August Petermann, a central figure in the history of the company and its leading cartographer from 1854 to 1878, fostered, systematized and institutionalized much of the global outreach of the...


Pinning it Down: A Colonial Linguistic Map of Cameroon

Within the vast library of maps within the Perthes Collection are a number of curiosities and objects of fascination. One such map has always intrigued me since I first came across it, not because of the aesthetic value or the craftsmanship of its design, but because of what I perceived as a strikingly disorienting depiction of different languages, layered on...

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